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    August 2022
    M T W T F S S
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It’s Just a little Chaos!

These last 2 years have been like a roller coaster for my family.  Between moving twice, cutting back on my videography business, going back to work, or just the day to day issues with family, I have been a little overwhelmed.  It seems now that I am starting to settle a little bit which is a good feeling.

In the beginning of all this mess, I was embarrassed to talk about our situation, but now I am over that.  Let’s see where to start.  Two years ago, Bill  lost in job  on Halloween Day.  We had made it through the .com bust and felt very lucky for that.  It turns out it took him 5 months to find a job and when he  did, his pay was 40% less.  We carried on with our expensive house payment and two car payments and hoped it “all worked out in the wash.”  Well,  it didn’t.  We ended up losing our home, two cars and went through bankruptcy.  I  never wanted this to happen  to our family and it was happening before there were foreclosures all over the place.  We kind of crawled in  a hole and tried to keep  our family together and strong.

Thank god for friends and family.  We wouldn’t have been able to do anything had it not been for the support our family and friends have given us. For a family that has gone through so  much, it  has been such a blessing knowing we wern’t alone.  We are working towards being on  the right track  financially.  Bill is working in Modesto and I am working in Stockton.  We are beginning to feel a solid base beneith us.  It isn’t everything, but it is a great place to start.